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Home of Thermal Power Plant

Thermal power plant is a non- renewable energy source of electrical power generation. For the generating process or for the raw material the thermal power plant also called Coal thermal power plant and steam turbine power plant. (more…)
tea harmful effects

Drinking Tea is Good or Bad?

Tea is very common drink in our life. Every body use tea in regular day or in morning break. Tea is also only the common drink in gossip time in evening. Some people use tea as a medicine in working stress hour, but is it harmful or medicine? (more…)


Hey ladies, so who wants to talk about the fine art of masturbation it’s time to lose the same and get into the game so you can score the most intense and satisfying orgasm of your life.Now, who's in? We have come a long way since the bad old days when female masturbation was thought…


The Vulture gold mine is situated in USA. Every country in the world shows curiosity about America and why would not it this country is considered to be the most powerful country in the world. This country is above all countries in science and application. People from all over the world see the desire to…

Childhood of Bulb

Childhood of Bulb- Light is a most useful gift from the electrical technology. In the today's world electrical light or bulbs are most essential for our life to prevent the darkness. But this electrical light technology or bulb has a long journey for development. Now a days light bulbs are used every where like in…

Geo-thermal power plants and Geo-thermal Energy

Geo-thermal power plants use Geo-thermal resources of earth surface that have both water (hydro) and heat (thermal). At first we should know that -WHAT IS A GEOTHERMAL RESOURCE? (more…)


The Jatigha village is in Dima Hasao district of Assam, This place is famous all over the world with the secret of death of birds. Jatiganga village is situated 300 kilometres from Guwahati. Everyone considers this place to be a place for birds to commit suicide. There is a reason why humans have committed suicide…
Delhi's Karkardooma court ghost investigation

The ghost story on Delhi’s Karkardooma court

Hunted delhi Karkardooma court - The scientists who finds ghosts, Delhi's Karkardooma court is a new direction for them. Till now you have heared many ghost stories but there was no proof of them all. But today I will talk about such an incident, with the evidence you will hear the sensation of the people…
tension after 20th birthday

Today boys tension after 20th birthday

Are you celebrating your 20th birth day? Do you know after this age you are going to make yourself as professional? It is right. If you still not decide about your profession and how to make money in your life, it will give you tension. Since last few year we see young people whose age above…

Chicken Dopyaza

Chicken Dopyaza is a delicious indian recipe. Everyone love to eat chicken recipe but we usually eat this type of menu in hotel and for that we have to pay a lot of money but why? Now learn this easy and delicious recipe and make it at your home with low price and enjoy the cooking. Make…