Bhangarh fort ghost

Bhangarh fort is one of most hunted place in Asia. It is the most hunted place in India and perhaps the greatest unsolved mystery.

Located at the border of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort is a 17th century fort, infamous all over India for being the “Most haunted place in India“.


The many haunted stories of Bhangarh Fort have transformed it into a bucket list destination of sorts. Curious travellers come in order to experience cheap thrills and while some go back disappointed, others simply cannot have enough of the suspense associated with the story of Bhangarh. If you happen to be one of those inquisitive travellers, it is imperative for you to visit this place and find out for yourself.

The story of Bhangarh

Most of the people belief that this place is the ultimate source of mystery. From other end we can say the place where is no limit of mystery this is called Bhangarh. Entering into the fort area after sunset  is nothing short of an act of bravery as it is supposed to be a center for paranormal activity and the Archaelogical Survey of India therefore has prohibited people from visiting the Bhangarh Fort at night. Of the many Bhangarh stories that locally popular, the most popular is that of Emperor Madho Singh who built the city after attaining the approval of Guru Balu Nath, an solitary who used to be absorbed in meditation there.  The saint gave his approval on the condition that the shadow of the Emperor’s palace should never fall on his area of meditation. If in case it did, the city would crumble into ruins. Once the construction was completed, one small area of Guru Balu was unfortunately shadowed by the palace. Bhangarh immediately transformed into a cursed city and could never be rebuilt as no structures ever managed to survive in it. It is interesting to note that the tomb of Guru Balu Nath can still be found among the ruins.


Another popular story about Bhangarh

Another Bhangarh Fort story keep connection with Princess Ratnavati. According to story Princess Ratnavati was very beautiful, his attractiveness even popular in long long distance from the kingdom. When she turned eighteen, prince of other state asked for her hand in marriage. Of all these a sorcerer named Singhia who was aware of the fact that he was no match for the princess. However, he decided to entice her with the magical powers he possessed. He was lucky enough to see Princess Ratnavati’s mistress in the market and enchanted the oil she was purchasing with black magic. He was of the hope that the princess would surrender herself to him upon touching the oil. However, his attempt was useless as Ratnavati witnessed his trick and spend the oil on the ground which actually fall into a rock, rock rolled towards the magician and crushed him. Before dying, Singhia cursed the city of Bhangarh to death and as a result, it never witnessed any rebirths. Moreover, in the battle between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh, princess Ratnavati was killed, thus adding more weight to his malediction. Hopes, however, never die as several locals are of the belief that she has returned in a different form and will ultimately come back to end the unfortunate spell on Bhangarh.1456462704_3785659512_0e877e7e34_o

While Bhangarh fort story has been rubbished by scientists, nothing stops the villagers from believing that it is a sanctuary for ghosts. People have supposedly often heard noises that are unaccounted for. The locals claim to have heard women screaming and crying, bangles breaking and strange music emerging from the fort. There have been instances where a special perfume was emanating from the Bhangarh Fort along with ghostly shadows and inexplicable lights.

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