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Home of Thermal Power Plant

Thermal power plant is a non- renewable energy source of electrical power generation. For the generating process or for the raw material the thermal power plant also called Coal thermal power plant and steam turbine power plant. (more…)

Geo-thermal power plants and Geo-thermal Energy

Geo-thermal power plants use Geo-thermal resources of earth surface that have both water (hydro) and heat (thermal). At first we should know that -WHAT IS A GEOTHERMAL RESOURCE? (more…)
Electical Insulator

Electical Insulator

Electrical insulator is mainly used in electrical system to prevent or protect from unwanted or over flow of current in the transmission or distribution line or electrical circuit to the earth from its supporting point which is connected to the earth. (more…)

Why is the transformer called static device?

In the defination of electical transformer is says- Transformer is a static electrical devices which can transfer the electrical power from one side to another side, by increasing or decreasing the voltage and current without changing the frequency. - But why it's called static device? (more…)
Auto transformer


Auto transformer is a one type of transformer which has one winding. In an auto transformer, the portions of the same winding act as both the primary and secondary sides of the transformer. In contrast, an ordinary transformer has separate primary and secondary windings which are not electrically connected Transformer that act like an Isolation…

Why is the Transformer is Used????

Transformer is a static electrical devices which can- Transfer the electrical power from one circuit to another circuit. Transfer the electrical power by increasing or decreasing the voltage by decreasing or increasing the current. Without changing the frequency. Accomplished this by electro magnetic induction. In India the maximum power is generated under the 33kv. It…