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Did the people of Egypt actually made the pyramid

People who say that pyramid were made by Egyptians, today I am writing this for them all. Some points that will force you to think... Why does not all of us wonder this matter, when the pyramid was built then the wheel was not invented in Egypt. How can it possible to move 5 to…

God Gifted Person

World genius or exceptional man who has a unbelievable brain power. He was Laurence Kim Peek, who can read a book in about an hour and remember almost everything he had read, memorizing vast amounts of information in subjects ranging from history and literature, geography and numbers to sports, music and dates. He was the only man who…

World Tallest Person

Robert Pershing Wadlow  was born on February 22, 1918 in Alton, Illinois, also known as the Alton Giant and the Giant of Illinois. He was an American who became famous as the tallest person ever in world recorded history. (more…)

Human Search engine

A boy who has a unbelievable memory power known as Google Boy. He has a  brilliant memory power regarding current affairs, general knowledge and geographical statistics. He could recollect details of 213 countries and can answer questions on subjects pertaining to world geography, per capita income, gross domestic product, politics, and the economy.  (more…)

World Smallest Living Woman

Jyoti Amge ,born 16 December 1993, is an Indian woman for being the world's smallest living woman according to Guinness World Records. (more…)