What is family planning ?

The definition of family planning is deciding the number and spacing of your children but today I want to share my experience about how can we plan for our family.

Always we suggest about something to some others  people about his/her problem. But that time we don’t think about what he/she feel or what he/she face. Every one in the world is individual and his/her way of thinking is different.

A family start when a baby born then his family is his/her mother. After some days he/she add his/her father in his/her family circle and after day by day doing add some other members. But anyone can’t think about real world feature.

Actually anyone can’t say then today’s happiness indicating tomorrow’s unhappiness. Real family planing feature planning. A process to find a way to make our child’s life 99% secure. Guide him/her in a way by which he/she always able to tackle himself/herself without any support.

My experience:

I am a engineer and my father is an MBBS Doctor. So you can think that we have a rice and happy family. A doctor means his income is very good. And what we say about an engineer ? A engineer means a smart man with a smart income source.

If you thinking the same, you are wrong. My father lost his eye power in a accident when I am 10 years old. Last year I lost my mom in another accident. My sister’s age 18+ and she want to be a lawyer. Can you imagine this situation. You can suggest me anything but the real fact is you can’t feel the situation.

Now a day my father’s age is 60 years old and he want to marry again because he don’t believe that I can take care about him. But the real fact is the I respect my father and I love my father and currently I feel that still we can change our family and make a happy family. I know that after re-marry we will lost our father. We will orphan.


Don’t try to see feature you can’t. It is the time to make a plane how you can help your child to be a good man. I know you are thinking that I am telling very simple words. It is not the materiel that you want to see but it is the real fact that we are always want to see our child as my hero. But feature is not visible to anyone so make believe your self and ready a plan how you can make your child a good man better then you.

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