Hey ladies, so who wants to talk about the fine art of masturbation it’s time to lose the same and get into the game so you can score the most intense and satisfying orgasm of your life.Now, who’s in?


We have come a long way since the bad old days when female masturbation was thought to cause infertility, insanity and blindness. Various studies prove it can boost self-esteem reduce stress and insomnia not to mention make you more orgasmic with your partner. And these Os are packed with health benefits; writes nutrition and life coach Alexandra Jamieson in women, food and desire. ‘’having regular orgasms-at least once a week – helps your body grow healthy tissue, absorb nutrients and balance your hormones.’’ Awesome, right? still has its stigmas. In a WH poll, 58 % of readers say they can’t discuss the ritual with friends. So, let’s get chatting. Because the more you know, the hotter it can be- Alone and with your partner. The numbers confirm it: 73 % of women reach the pick every time they indulge a solo sesh, according to a survey, but only 21% climax reliably with a partner. Starting with yourself is the first step in bridging the gap. To that, um, end, we crowd-sourced readers and experts for the who, what, where, when and why of masturbation. Here’s to making your next solo session even more unforgettable. Who? Do you masturbate? Yes 93%, no 1%, once or twice ever 6%.


How often? 3% more than once a day 35% two or three times per week 29% about once a week

What? Left to your own devices, you like to tickle, pulse or penetrate your most intimate parts with some pretty interesting things. Hands: you can control the speed direction and pressure perhaps that’s why 65 % of participates enjoy this approach. lubricant can increase feel good during masturbation. Objects: woman loves water sports but we are not talking paddle boarding, 25% of women use our head to get rocks off. Toys: 85% of modern women who says you should use toys with vibration to reach the peak easily

Where? The psychosexual therapist and author of the doctor is in: doctor Ruth on love, life, and Joie de vivre shares her wisdom. Wait until you are in the privacy of your own bedroom Or bathroom. Music can help some women but I think you should just read some erotic literature.

Why you need to masturbate: As if you needed more reasons….. The surprising mind and body benefits you get from masturbating.

1 pleasuring yourself can rub out the sad. woman who had low levels of oxytocin had a higher risk of Postpartum, depression found a team at the University of Basel is Switzerland boosting Oxytocin through self-induced MI help with any type of blues.

2 it helps you snooze why you orgasm your body makes prolactin, a hormone that makes you sleepy.

3 It puts your wellbeing first. A study in the ‘’the journal of sexual medicine’’ shows that women who use vibrators are more likely to routinely see a gynaecologist and perform self-examinations of their regions that non-users.

4 it also does it wonders for your pelvic floor muscles consistent contractions during orgasm-which many of our stars more likely to have during solo sex can help increase your strength and prevent UTIs, according to lectures from the University of Sydney.

5 satisfying yourself can increase your pain threshold according to the journal of sex research vaginal stimulation can block substance a pain transmitter which is one reason some women may masturbate for relief from menstrual cramps.

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