The ghost story on Delhi’s Karkardooma court

Hunted delhi Karkardooma court – The scientists who finds ghosts, Delhi’s Karkardooma court is a new direction for them. Till now you have heared many ghost stories but there was no proof of them all. But today I will talk about such an incident, with the evidence you will hear the sensation of the people and you will start believing in ghosts.

hunted delhi Karkardooma court

This is the incident of Delhi’s Karkardooma court
Description of paranormal activity – Delhi’s Cyber Library computer starts automatically for a few days at 11:55 PM.

Ghost story of Delhi’s Karkardooma court

The morning coats employee comes and sees all the computers running. Everyone was thinking that those who care about computers and forgot to turn off the computer in the evening, But when the lawyers asked him about this, he said that he does the computer off every day, And locking the door, he goes home, After hearing this, everyone was wondering who came in at night and who did all the computers on, After this, all the people together put the CCTV in the library But after seeing what happened, all the people got shocked. Everybody in the CCTV footage watches at night at 11:55 a light ball enters the library and turns on the computers one by one. Seeing this, all the people thought that there is some electrical fault on the computers. After this the lawyers called the computer engineer but the engineers said that there is no malfunction on the computer. After all, everyone decided that on the light will be seen that what happens in the library. According to the decision, the librarian turns on the lights and locked the library at evening ,next day when every people watches the CCTV footage same incident happened Everyone saw the same light ball entered the library at 11.55pm and turned on all the computers

The most surprising thing is that no computer in the library has an Internet connection, but at 11.55 pm various web pages has seen when the light ball turns the computers on, And this incident is still going on in the Karkardooma court.

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