Hunted Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is a fortification historical place at pune, Maharastra. In 1732 it was build for Bajirao Ballar, prime minister(Peshwa) of  Maratha Empire.

Shaniwar Wada had six floor when it was build, upper five floor was made by brick and ground floor by rock. In 1824 this fort largely destroyed by an unexplained fire. Now only ground floor is visible. In 1818  Maratha Empire had lost their control in third Ango-Maratha war. This place was the center of Indian Politics in 18 Century. Currently it is the on of the most top traveling spot of Maharashtra. Visitor came to take the test of suspense in this historical place but anyone can get the risk to go inside in this fort. After the sunset you can’t see anyone in this place. In full moon night everyone scare to visit this place event in morning.

Hunted Shaniwar Wada

History of Paranormal Activity:

Many people say that they don’t scare by spiritual activity, I suggest you to visit this place. From outside this building looks like a deep darkness cover this building to protect from the god. Local people tell us this place is very much fear then it look from the outside. The friend Kashi Bai, of the Bajirao’s first wife cursed the building for what this building still bearing. When Bajirao killed his husband for  doubt to chit  with Maharashtra (Maratha Empire). At that time Kashi Bai cursed that happiness never stay in this fort. Many people reported that foot step of spirit of  Bajirao’s grand son Ballar Rao still noticeable.  Ballar Rao kill by his own uncle for the seat of prime minister (peswa).

But the a suspicious thing is that after  cursed by Kashi Bai anyone who selected as prime minister of maratha Empire can not control the empire for longtime.

At last I am seriously say that you should not visit this place for only my suggestion before visit this place I am requesting you to search about this on google.


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