WHAT IS BERMUDA                                                            TRIANGLE?

Also Known As: “The Devil’s Triangle”

Reports of strange occurrences have been recorded as early as the days of Columbus.Sometimes the Coast Guard answers more than 5,000 distress calls within the Triangle per year.

TRIANGLE LOCATION AND AREA    The vast three-sided segment of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by
Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spans an area of around 500,000 square miles, but some estimates are up to three times larger.


1. Ellen Austin: The Ellen Austin was a large American ship that frequently traveled between New York and
London, on one of these regular trip the ship mysteriously disappeared.
2.The USS CYCLOPS: The USS CYCLOPS was a massive carrier ship that supplied fuel to the American fleet during WWI,
with 309 people the ship disappeared in the Bermuda triangle.
3. Witchcraft 1967: Witchcraft was a 23-foot luxury cabin Cruiser owned by Burrack. On the day at 9 pm, the coast
guard got an emergency call from Burrack. The coast guard arrived at the location within 20 minutes but
witchcraft was never found.
4. DC 3 1948: On December 28, 1948, when it was 50 miles from the airport the flight sent out its last audio, but
the flight was never seen again.
5. C-54 1947: A c-54 Aircraft took off from Bermuda triangle on July 3, 1947. Even the black box of the aircraft
was not found anywhere.
6.Piper jet 2005,2007: The first Piperjet airplane disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on June 20, 2005. The
second similar incident happened on April 10, 2007.
7.Trislander 2008: The latest disappearance in the Bermuda triangle was in 2008. On December 15 it took off with 12
passengers and was never seen again.
Bermuda triangle is the home to some of the world’s most exotic cases aircraft and ships sudden disappearance from the world. None of the explanation is satisfactory for the disappearance occurred in Bermuda triangle.

** Therefore Bermuda triangle remains one of the greatest mystery on the earth till now **

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