Kolkata National Library is famous for paranormal activity

Kolkata National Library is very well known library in world for the collection of book. But do you know? This library also famous for paranormal activity.

The Kolkata National Library  located on Belvedere Road. It’s not only femous for its book collection, It is also well known hunting place in Kolkata.

Kolkata National Library

Foundation story:

Mir Jafar became the first Nawab of Bengal after East India Company  rule in India in 1757.  In 1760 the building of kolkata National Library built by Mir Jafar. After some days he give it to Warren Hasting, the first governor general of India. Later this building had announced as the residence of the Lt Governor of Bengal. In 1836 the first Calcutta Public Library started here as a non-governmental institute. After some year Prince Dwarkanath Tagore had brought this building and started Calcutta Public Library. Then  Calcutta Public Library turned into the Imperial Library by some other secretariat libraries in Calcutta. Former East India College library donated its library books to the Imperial Library but till then library was not for all public.
After some year from the freedom of India in 1953 the Imperial Library renamed as the National Library of Kolkata and opened for all public.
Kolkata National Library

Hidden chamber investigation report: 

In 2010  ministry of culture of West Bengal government took the help of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) for restoration of the building. Interesting news coming out about a secret room of nearly 1000 sq ft on the ground floor without any door or trapdoor too. ASI had decided to drill here for investigation about the room. After investigation complete they announced  room is there but they are not sure about anyone may use or not. Because this room had build to support the structure of building.

Hunted story:

The night guide often feared to take duty here. Many news reporter ask all of them about the actual story about the ghost story but they have told nothing reason of securing job. But many local people say that the spirit of governor’s wife still room around here. Many people have heard his footsteps.

At the time of renovation twelve labors mysteriously lost their lives in accident. Some eye witnesses have seen that black images fading in front of them. Some fearful incidents have heard like student from England died in some unnatural accident while he was searching book for his thesis. Also heard about a story where Bengali student who did not complete his paper died come for complete his research many times.

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