Kuldhara Abandoned Village

Kuldhara is an abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. Established around 13th century, it was once a prosperous village inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. It was abandoned by the early 19th century for unknown reasons, possibly because of dwindling water supply, or as a local legend claims, because of persecution by the Jaisalmer State’s minister Salim Singh.

Kuldhara is an outcast village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. Established around the 13th century.The village used to be the residence of the rich and learned Paliwal Brahmins, residing there for about 500 years.

Kuldhara Abandoned Village

The daughter of the village chief was extremely beautiful who’d just stepped into her sixteenth spring. The notorious king of Jaisalmer happened to lay his eyes on this beautiful girl and wanted to take her as his wife.even he was cruel to the people living over there The king was famous for his debauchery and some loyal friend told the girl`s father about king`s bad intentions. The entire village of Kuldhara evacuated bag and baggage in one night and all that remained was an empty village without a single soul. As the Paliwal Brahmins left, they cursed death upon anyone who ever came to live in that village. Over the years, a few skeletons had been discovered in the village. Gradually, it acquired a reputation as a haunted site, and the Rajasthan State Government decided to develop it as a tourist spot.


Recently, Paranormal Society of Delhi acknowledged that there is something strange about these scary places. The society was studying in Kuldhara village. It is believed that it is impossible to spend an entire night in the village. The society decided to unravel the mystery behind the village of Kuldhara’s spirit.The team had a K-2 meter device which is used to measure the change in surroundings temperature. The device recorded a temperature of 41 Degree Celsius at one location and as it was moved a few steps ahead, the temperature instantly dropped to 31 Degree Celsius.The team’s main objective is to dispel fear from the minds of the people. The society has surveyed over 500 locations all across the nation. These are the places which are considered to be haunted by the locals and it is believed that no one can spend the night in these villages. In the beginning, the team came across a lot of strange activities, but as their confidence increased these strange activities diminished, the team found. The team could not concretely establish or deny the ghost phenomenon, but they sure did helped the villagers dismissed the notion associated with the village.

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