The Vulture gold mine is situated in USA. Every country in the world shows curiosity about America and why would not it this country is considered to be the most powerful country in the world. This country is above all countries in science and application. People from all over the world see the desire to go to America and see its beauty but this does not happen at all. And people who have this dream come true; people consider themselves above other people. So let’s come to the topic now.


The place we are talking about today is one of the most dangerous places in America. This Vulture gold mine changed the future of America. Vulture Gold Mine is located in Arizona. In 1863, this mine started. A huge amount of Gold and silver were found in this gold mine which changed the fate of America. 9,637 kg of gold and 7,371 kg of silver were found from this mine approx. In 1862, when the owner of this land understood that he had gold in his land, he tried very hard to hide this but he did not succeed. This thing spread like virus in America and many people were coming to capture gold. Nearly 5000 people had come to settle down to capture gold, they are fighting among themselves. After all, when this matter came to the US government, government hanged those who were alive in the charge of gold theft. It is heard that more than 5000 people were killed in this accident, and it is also heard that the souls of those people are captured this whole city. Now there is no one in this city anywhere. In 1942 the mine closed 12 people died in this mine due to land slide and even today those dead bodies are not found. It is believed that spirits slaughtered those 12 people. To know the secret of this terrible place a group of scientist went to the place in 9th September 2009. It is not easy to understand and explain what happened to those people but still i will try. South Arizona Ghost and Paranormal society was searching with the whole preparation. Already there were obstacles in work. When they reached the city by crossing the barrier, it was evening. Suddenly the EMF device started working automatically and showing very high reading which was unbelievable. Yet those people kept the exam running. The person who was recording the sound at night heard a strange sound that was’’ go back, if you want to live your life’’. In the second house when those people went in for the recording, the piano began to play automatically. When the people went to the piano, the condition of piano was so bad that playing it is impossible for anyone. So the question is, who played the piano. After this incident, all the people returned from fear and stopped the research and after that they told that there really is something. Now it is a tourist place but there is some place where it is forbidden to go. Some guides are available there to guide the tourist.
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