Drinking Tea is Good or Bad?

Tea is very common drink in our life. Every body use tea in regular day or in morning break. Tea is also only the common drink in gossip time in evening. Some people use tea as a medicine in working stress hour, but is it harmful or medicine?

In generally drinking tea is not so much bad but it depend upon the quantity. Mainly two type of tea we found for its processing fact. One is modern process tea and another is old process Indian tea.

Modern process tea is a process, here we  boil the water after that we add tea bag, sugar and milk and then drink.

tea harmful effects

Indian tea is different from the others, here we take water, tea, sugar and then boil. So all the ingredient that we use will boil properly.

tea harmful effects

In this case Indian tea is less harmful than others. But tea is an acidic product which can rise the acidic content in blood. It has some effect  that which we should know following points:- 

  • Drinking tea can rise the blood pressure. So, if you have a high blood pressure or normal than tea is very harmful for your health. But if you have low blood pressure is good for your health.
  • If you notice that while drinking tea your body temperature  is rise for that it is harmful for your hot blood body like hot atmosphere or hot area people. But it is good for cold blood body like icy cold area.
  • At the first  I told you that it also depend upon its quantity or how much, how many times you take it. Because we take sugar which is the main harmful ingredient. In generally, mainly in India we use table-spoon for taking sugar but we should use tea-spoon. Now come to the result

If you take tea 3-4 times in a day then, your sugar quantity is

1 table-spoon= 15 gm x 4 times = 60 gm

1 tea-spoon = 5 gm x 4 times = 20 gm

So, if you take more than 3-4 times in a day with table-spoon then you will highly addicted in sugar which act as a drug and then nobody can stop you to die.

  • Many people have a habit to take tea in early morning in blank stomach specially for that people I want to say that immediately stop this habit. Otherwise you will fall in dangerous health problem like stomach ulcer, gastric.

Now you decide Tea is Good or Bad for health.

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