Today boys tension after 20th birthday

Are you celebrating your 20th birth day? Do you know after this age you are going to make yourself as professional? It is right. If you still not decide about your profession and how to make money in your life, it will give you tension.

Since last few year we see young people whose age above 20 years they age going to heavy tension situation day by day because of  bad conditional job market. Currently maximum parents want his/her child will get a job of high salary and never feel the sadness that  they feel. For this reason parents continuously forcing his/her child for a specific post of job or position or profession. It is making our young society very week. Sometime I think that after some year we can not see any farmer in our village. Everyone want a job that will give him more money then his/her parents.

Today boys tension after 20th birthday

Mother, late 30s, and daughter, 15 years

India is a funny country where someone give us the knowledge about our culture, fashion and spiritual things but no one  give us knowledge about any work in the world is not small. Every work can give us money, popularity and others in one word everything, if we love this work.

If everyone want a job, who can give a new job for some new fresher.   We need to find some interesting business idea, then we can help other to find his/her job and help him to establish his family. But we think that “I can not” or “what I do” or “how can I do”. This type of word make us looser. Seriously tell me, anytime in a day can you try to find any idea that can make you self employer?  No, we have no time to thing this type rubbish thinking.

I am requesting to stop. You can do a unique startup, look around your self, you can find a man who can help you. You need  to find him and need to discuss about your idea. You can find a new way by which you can go the ultimate point where you want to go. I know you are thinking that this type of word is easy to say but difficult to work on it. It is true but think you don’t want to do difficult work then this work will be more difficult for your children. I can say you one thing that our ultimate goal of life is give our children a better place then our own.

After your busy working day, ask yourself that your life is very normal but will this situation give your children a normal life? If not then please do something for better life of your child that can give you more happiness in your old age life.

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