The Jatigha village is in Dima Hasao district of Assam, This place is famous all over the world with the secret of death of birds.

Jatigha village

Jatiganga village is situated 300 kilometres from Guwahati. Everyone considers this place to be a place for birds to commit suicide. There is a reason why humans have committed suicide but for birds what would be the cause? even thousands of birds In the rainy season of Amavas’ night Jumps in fire itself. It sounds strange but it is true. Millions of people from all over the world consider this place as Spirited. Many scientist from different place of world come this place to find the mystery why millions of birds committed suicide Why do birds go to the light in the nights? What is the reason for the death of so many birds together? Those questions come to everyone’s mind after hearing about this incident. People of this place are not getting out of the house at night due to fear and there was no question of going to the riverside. But the truth is something else, the truth is very different from what everyone thoughts. Recently scientist revealed in a news report that the wind pressure of Jatinga is too high and the wind changes the direction of the bird when they flew frequently. But this information is not satisfactory for many people. That’s why the Indian government sent some bird scientists to that place after a few days, those scientists told, they noticed some changes in magnetic layer in the night of monsoon and it effects the direction of birds therefore birds fall here and die. The research is still going on why there is varying magnetic layer. The government of India is working to save the birds here. After this activity fewer amounts of birds are dying. Government of India is explaining to the people there that there is no spirit, It is natural matter. There is nothing to fear.

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