Why is the transformer called static device?

In the defination of electical transformer is says- Transformer is a static electrical devices which can transfer the electrical power from one side to another side, by increasing or decreasing the voltage and current without changing the frequency.

– But why it’s called static device?

The induce emf is mainly two type statically induce emf and dynamically induce emf. In the dynamically induce emf according to the Farady law when a conductor change its position or rotate in magnetic field. The emf is induce where the conductor will rotate or change its position but magnetic field will fixed.


In the statically induce emf is when a conductor is fixed its position and the magnetic field is rotate or change its position and emf is induce. So, In the transformer the two conductor has side one is primary side and other is secondary side. The both side conductor is fixed but a magnetic field will rotate over it through the magnetic path.


That is why the transformer is called static devices.

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